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7 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home! Step 3: Setting Your Timeline

⭐️Whether you are months, weeks, or just days away from listing your house🏡, this video series will 👀guide you through 7 easy steps to sell💲 your home🏠the right way! 👍🏽🤩

Step Three: Setting Your Timeline

How to sell your home in seven easy steps!

I'm Danielle Scott with Keller Williams Realty.

Step three, setting your timeline. We need to make the most out of the weeks or even days leading up to the sale of your house. If you have an idea of when you want to list your house, we will need to break down your to-do list into manageable, bite-sized pieces.

First, we want to declutter. You need to decide what you can live without until your home sells, then pack it all up and get it out. We want to make it as easy as possible for our prospective buyers to picture themselves in your home.

Next, I strongly suggest we hire a home inspector. We will talk about this more next time, but this helps us identify issues early, and lets you work fixes into your budget on the front-end, so they don't wreck the deal later. We can then decide where your fix-it dollars will do the most good.

We also want to do a deep clean. Scrub every surface to a shine. Hire a pro to make carpets and rugs look and smell new again. Maybe even a fresh coat of paint here or there. Then, we want to set the stage. We need to create an inviting space that enables buyers to see your house as their home.

Finally, we'll apply the finishing touches, so your home will be in picture perfect condition, so our photographer can capture it in the best possible light.

Remember, when you do what you love, people love what you do.

I'm Danielle Scott. Let's make it a great home buying and selling day.


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