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Buyer Pre-Approval

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Why do I need a pre-approval letter to buy a house?

It's the first step to make sure you are prepared when you're ready to make an offer on the home of your dreams.

Why do I need a pre-approval letter to buy a house?

Hi, I'm Danielle Scott with Keller Williams Realty. Why do you keep hearing this chatter about pre-approvals from realtors?

You're either a first-time home buyer or you already own a home and you're thinking about your next move. So you say, okay, maybe I'll just go look at a few houses first and then I'll figure out the loan part later. Not so fast.

That home you found and love so much may have five other buyers speaking with their agents right now, ready to write an offer, and they already have pre-approval letters in hand.

That letter is your golden ticket to make the seller feel secure that you can buy their house. Coupled with a reasonable offer, you will be a step ahead of the people who haven't prepared.

I have several lenders that I can recommend and we can help walk you through this process together.

I'm Danielle Scott. As always, when you do what you love, people love what you do. Make it a great home-buying and selling day.


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